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Dear Jess,

Thank you for your continual generosity. Because of you I have a computer now – a remarkable thing! When you told me you were bartering to get me one, I was astonished. I can hardly imagine a situation that would have surprised me more. But, when I think about it, I should not have been so shocked, as you had shown me earlier this year how your compassion led you to reach out and buy me (a ton of!) groceries during a time where I was struggling mightily.

I know you struggle with plenty in your own life, and yet you hold onto a wealth of spirit. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, and know that I think you are amazing.

May 2011 bring you peace, and abundance, in many forms.


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Dear Victor, Alexzandra, Dexter, Lulu, Joe, Raven, Jose, Jimmy, Samm, Seth, Kittie, Sen, Irshad, Elena, Mark, Louisa, Jaime, Hope, Captain Scorpio, Xae and the Other Seth,

Thank you all so very VERY much for coming out and making my birthday celebration FUCKING AWESOME. Thank you Seth for squeezing in dinner despite plans later; Raven and Jose for squeezing in dinner despite plans upon plans before AND after!; Alexzandra for the chance to meet you in person; Dexter for the *lovely* jewelry (and the thankless task of sorting the bill); Victor for making it after all; Louisa & Jaime (& Other Seth) for giving me the chance to see such a darling woman that I see much too infrequently (and YUMMY chocolate!); Joe & Lulu for being fabulous (and all-natural bodycare products for the win!) and on such short acquaintance too :-D; Kittie & Sen for being my amazing partners (and without whom my life would be a bit less joyful); Jimmy & Samm for making it all the way through to the end of the night (AND giving me a ride home…plus the chance to get to know Samm better, a definite bonus!); Irshad for your wonderfully geeky presence and your photography prowess; Elena & Mark for making it all the way from Queens (and yet another woman I don’t see nearly enough of!!) and :coughs: not minding when I flashed Mark by accident :p; Hope for the chance to reconnect with a beautiful woman (and for giving us the Quote of the Night!!); Captain Scorpio for making it to burlesque (and looking damn snazzy to boot); and last but far from least, Xae for making it at last-minute notice (and for trusting me that HyperGender Burlesque did not mean he’d be seeing nothing but boys!).

I love you all, this is hands down the best birthday celebration I’ve had! In February or March I will definitely have another Ginger Munch (TM)…

And thanks especially to Madangsui for being incredibly gracious about our constantly expanding party for three hours LOL!

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Dear Dex,

Thank you for…oh for so many things. For being there when I need an ear, for your ever insightful (and always appreciated!) interpretations of my tarot spreads and for encouraging me to open and explore more of my intuitive side.

Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given me, jewelry I adore and wear frequently, for your company on my birthday last year, and most especially for your willingness to drop everything to come to my assistance with the house when I was struggling.

I hope that what you get from me is half as good as the positive energy I receive from you!



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Dear Sam,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a reading on you. It meant a great deal to me to be able to do so.

Thank you for making some time to hang out before you moved, for your lovely company, and particularly for taking a risk and speaking to me that first night at Martini Red. You are a wonderful, vibrant person, and I am hopeful you will see that in yourself the way that I (and others) do.

Also, and it’s a great bonus :p you’re totally hot!!

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There is so much on my mind of late that I could prattle on about it for hours, however, I will not do that at the moment 😀

Instead, a lovely girl that I wrote a thank you letter to a while back told me recently that, on a night she was feeling down, she went back and reread her letter, and felt much better. And that reminded me: thank you letters! I’ve stopped writing them!! How could I let that happen?!?

So, without further ado, let the thankfullness resume apace. 🙂
Dear Murphy,

Thank you for sharing with me stories of times past, for trusting me enough to open up to me and discuss things you hardly ever talk about anymore. Thank you for letting me show you four-leaf clovers, for hugs, for talk of magical things. Thank you for the warm, comforting feeling that you carry with you and share so willingly with others. Thank you for your smile. Thank you for understanding when I tell you the struggles I am facing down and sorting out of late. And thank you especially for suspending me, for a sublime moment that inspired me to dance while in the air, for the delicious energy you bring to the scene, so much so that lovely Jacob called it “the sexiest thing he’s ever seen”!!

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To A,

Thank you for being endearing, adorable, and introspective. You are a beautiful soul (and a damn cute body too!). I have been honored that you feel I am a good sounding board on all sorts of poly issues, and thrilled indeed to see you and C so happy together. You are my prime example of how each person’s approach to poly is different – and that that is not only okay, but wonderful. I love you, but you must know that 🙂 – for whom else would I spend an entire day venturing through clothing stores? Tired feet aside, I was very pleased that day to help you find clothes that finally stopped hiding your sexiness.

You are a thoughtful, compassionate person, with a determination to live your dreams that I admire greatly. Piecing together a life through performance and other art is a tough job, yet you soldier on and somehow, it comes together. I believe the world shapes itself around you, finding for you what you need, for it cannot resist you.

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Dear Hera,

Thank you for…inspiring me with your creativity, your love of dance, and your beautiful soul. For someone I’ve yet to meet in person, I am inordinately fond of you and feel I can confide in you. When I ramble on about my relationships, my parenting, my (un)cooking, you lend an open ear willingly, bringing with you an understanding of my D/s desires and the inherent complications that can bring to life that is invaluable.

AND, you totally put aside your generally dislike of phone calls to talk me through remote sewing machine diagnosis and repair, for which I am eternally grateful!

Thank you, for being awesome.

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