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This year I am embarking on a slightly different adventure. I thought long and hard about my body, my fitness level, my extra bodyfat, my thoughts on body image and my own internal struggles with a desire to not conform for the sake of conforming. I have long had a desire to get in better shape, but I don’t really act on it. I may think about it a lot, even make a few steps here or there but very rarely have I made an actual push to lose weight. I have not been on any diets save the raw food thing (and that was for spiritual not physical reasons, though it had great physical side effects) although I have certainly pondered many over the years. But in the end, any diet or fitness regime required a level of commitment I just didn’t have, despite not being totally happy with my body. It took me many years to realize that a big part of this is a holdover from my experience with ballet, my strong feminist leanings, and where the two interact.

I had a pivotal experience when I was 15 at my fairly well known dance school, wherein I was told by the director of the school that the reason I had not gotten into the audition-only summer program (that I had been in the year previous) was because “you’ve gotten fat, didn’t you notice?” No joke, those were her exact words. As a psychologically tender 15yo (especially shaky given that I had lost my father a year before), these words were incredibly devastating. I had until that point had every (relatively reasonable) expectation of a career in dance. This turned my world upside down and let me wondering what to do to address this.

I should explain a bit here: I was 5’2″, and had gone from 98 pounds to 108 pounds. I was maybe a size two. I am currently 155 pounds and I am not overly unhappy with my curves. Certainly at 125 (years later) I was very happy, and got a good amount of admiration for my body. However, at that time, somehow 108 was “fat” to this woman, something objectively at the time I knew was absurd. See, despite my love, infatuation, and overall adoration of ballet, I still had a very strong feminist-raised ME inside…and that me saw two choices: 1) obsess over my weight, try to diet and workout to fit a ridiculous and unrealistic ideal pushed on me by others, and give myself an eating disorder and huge psychological problems for life or 2) say FUCK YOU to the ballet establishment. I chose option 2. This meant that I spent several years totally unmoored with no idea what to do with my life, as well as resulting in my eating a ton of junk all the time, no longer dancing or working out at all, pretty much in a direct, quite unhealthy bodywise, rebellion. I gained 50 pounds in a bit over a year. I embraced dating and blossomed in my sexuality now that I had time to be social. Over the years I lost a good amount of the junk food weight and stabilized around 130. However I was never quite okay with not working out, not being able to use my body in the way I was used to. Getting winded easily SUCKS and it hit me like a punch in the face every time it happened.

Quite a few years later, after two pregnancies and a stressful dissolution of my marriage, I am back up to 155, almost as much as I weighed when pregnant with my second – and slightly more than I weighed in my first pregnancy. Still, it took me some time to get to the point where I was willing to let go of my “OMG losing weight = conforming to patriarchal standards” mindset and finally want to DO something about all this excess fat I am carrying around and the non-fit state I am in.

I know from experience that some changes are very easy for me and others never happen. One of the things I do very easily is classes. I am a pretty damn good salsa dancer now after knowing nothing before I started classes. One year, I just decided I was going to take some ballroom classes. Once I signed up, I continued nonstop, finding time and money. Commitment was never a question, it was easy. I also know eating healthy is very doable for me, and the raw food thing I did was a great lesson. I loved it while I was on it, but once social pressures hit, I didn’t have the necessary habits cemented to stick with it, and one of my main downfalls kicked in: my “all or nothing” mindset. Once I started slipping up, giving up altogether happened almost immediately. So I knew any changes I wanted to make, in order to be serious, needed to create commitment for me in a way that was “easy” for me, and needed to be about longlasting, habit-based lifestyle changes that were sustainable and reasonable.

Luckily for me, there’s a program that I already knew of from my years of reading. Fitness and nutrition, as well as all sorts of random body-function fun facts, have long been a huge archair interest for me, unsurprisingly. Years ago I discovered http://www.stumptuous.com, a website about weight lifting for women that I adore for both her vast knowledge and her hilarious, uncensored approach to writing about it. Through Krista I learned about Dr. John Berardi, and was impressed with his focus on basics first, and his article on the compliance grid which I thought was brilliantly simple. Several years ago when Krista left the academia world to work for Dr. Berardi at Precision Nutrition, I knew a better endorsement could not be found. Still, I was not ready at that time to act. As the year came to a close however, I just knew…now is the right time. Spending $99 a month for a year – a previously “crazy” sum – now seemed perfectly reasonable. See, at the end of the day, I don’t need someone to creat a “perfect plan” for me. In fact I have quite enough knowledge to do so for myself. No, what I really need is someone to check in with my, every day, and say “hey, did you do simple step x today? Great, do that again tomorrow!”

And that is exactly what I have gotten, and I couldn’t be happier! I thought I would blog about this experience over 2012, however I probably won’t post overly frequently. I don’t want blogging to become more important to doing, and I know I need to be especially careful that I don’t let “oh well I didn’t post today so I may as well not bother doing this” stinking perfectionist thinking into my head! So, that’s all for now. 🙂

Comments welcome!


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Raw Food Status Update

I am now in my third week of eating raw, give or take a few days. As of last Friday I had lost 5.8 pounds, without trying, definitely without suffering, and I hadn’t even been working out yet (which I started today). DOPE. I have thus far not had many detox symptoms, haven’t broken out all over like last time, on the whole I am doing quite well. I was VERY tired the first week, and had a caffeine-withdrawal headache for several days before my body got over missing coffee. I also was in the bathroom a LOT the first two weeks. That seems to be settling down now, but I would not be surprised if a good portion of the weight I lost those first two weeks was just due to that alone! It feels good to have that gone LOL. My cravings for cooked food have been pretty much nil, rather to my surprise. It helps that I’ve gone to a gourmet raw place a few times, and bought “sandwiches” from Waverly once or twice. And of course the fact that I have been making my own nut pates, flax crackers, and kale chips helps a great deal as well. YUM. I have a good number of containers (mason jars and such) that I use daily to bring food to work. It’s a bit bulky but efficient. I’ve also been known to bring salad ingredients in and do the actual job of making a salad at the sink in the kitchen area. Another thing that I think has made a big difference in making this habit change easier is social support. Not really overt “You go girl!” type of stuff, but more like the fact that I have a coworker who has started bringing in salad every day and we eat together. And my dates have all had blenders at their homes (making my morning smoothie a default) and everyone thus far has REALLY liked the crackers and such that I have made. They don’t care whether it is raw or healthy – they only care that it tastes GREAT! And really, so do I. I am a hedonist at heart – if it doesn’t please my tastebuds, it really doesn’t matter how healthy it is! For the record, not only is it all yummy, but I still feel fabulous – tons of energy and just, GOOD. I am pretty sure that is the only way I was able to get up early enough to work out today. I’ve also noticed I am not napping nearly as often during my commute (this used to be an absolute given – ferry = sleep). So, eating-wise, my day looks something like this: Green smoothie for breakfast (I usually use bananas with my greens) Ridiculously large salad for lunch, with homemade dressing and maybe some nut pate Nibble on some flax crackers/kale chips/raw nuts during work Maybe have some fruit (there will be way more of this once my fruit vendors start popping back up near work!) Another enormous salad for dinner I’m going to start trying sandwiches (made with nute pate and my flax crackers) and nori rolls soon, I just need to make more crackers (they go fast and I have backorders for friends to fill now LOL!) and buy nori. I’ll probably get to that next week. I’m also going to try my hand at making kimchi soon – details to follow! I know I promised a nut pate recipe or two (and I made a new one today that seems promising!) and I WILL get them up here, I am just waiting to make more so I can measure things and take some photos of the process.

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Yesterday’s fast went very well except for the end. One should not break a fast with wine, trust me on this. To make matters worse, we were missing one of our normal wine-sharing people at rehearsal and for some unaccountable reason I felt obliged to drink her portion as well! What I was thinking, I could not tell you. I can say I knew going home I was pretty drunk, so when I made a bad eating decision and ate not one but *two* bags of potato chips, I kept the bags in my pocket so I would remember to record them today. Good thing too as I know I would have forgotten altogether otherwise!

Still, despite my indiscretions in breaking my fast, the scale was moving in the right direction this morning, and though I somehow do not recall an…intimate encounter…I am not hungover either so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Next time however I need a plan in place for breaking my fast.

I did get to the gym for my intervals workout yesterday, though I went at 2 instead of at 1 as my coworker requested that. In general I will be going at 1 every work day. My plan is to go to the gym every week day on my lunch break even when I don’t have a TT workout scheduled. In this way, building the habit of going will be much easier – my default option. On non-workout days I have several options: steady state cardio, pilates, salsa practice or handstand practice.

I skipped my salsa classes yesterday, in favor of talking to a friend online that I have not spoken to in a while. We got into a very interesting discussion on the impact of sex on friendships :). I did of course go to my salsa rehearsal at 9:30, where I ran into the aforementioned bottle of wine. My legs felt fine during rehearsal, not too sore at all, though I was a bit off balance but I am 98% sure that was due to wearing my performance shoes (with quite high heels) instead of the dance sneakers I’ve been fond of lately. Also, from my prior experience with HIIT I knew to hold back just a bit so I could walk later!


Today’s goals:

Eat well at work (this is easy for me – fruit, salad and larabars are my workplace staple)

Eat supportively at home (tonight that means having a big salad with curried sunflower seed pate and indulging in a small piece of my sister’s homemade pizza – she is making it nondairy by using buffalo milk mozzarella and I know better than to think I will abstain totally, the key here is moderation)

Weights workout B (I may try and do intervals as well using a jumprope, or I may do them at the gym today or tomorrow) after dinner, no excuses

Complete my evening routines fully. This morning was a wash as I overslept, though the house looked pretty good so clearly my past few days of dedication to my routines is keeping me in good stead.


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Yes, I have switched back top counting “up” instead of “down”…


Last night went better than I expected. The extra coffee I had on my way home didn’t hurt any, I’m sure!

Foodwise yesterday was not great but not bad either. Raw-wise, not so hot…

AM: large coffee with soy, Cashew Cookie (Larabar)
Lunch: large salad (spinach, cauliflower, scallions, red cabbage, orange pepper, snow peas, cucumber and oil and vinegar) with curried sunflower seed pate, large glass of water with lime
PM: large coffee with soy
Dinner/snacking: half a grapefruit (too sour to finish!), 2 sunnyside-up eggs, spoonful of peanut butter I should not have had, and a bit of the Japanese sunflower seed pate
Post-workout: one potato with olive oil and curry powder (ummm yeah…I like curry)

OK on to my evening. Coming home I was somewhat tired but not as bad as I expected. Once I got home, dinner for the kids came together quickly since there were leftovers that I could reheat. I also made my younger daughter two eggs as she loves them 🙂 and that is how I ended up eating eggs lol. Getting the kids to bed went very smoothly and I cleaned up as I went so once they were asleep there wasn’t too much left to be done. I was thinking about doing my chores first, but decided I had better work out ASAP before I passed out – I was beginning to drag a LOT.

I did the weights Workout A from the Beginnner TT.  (I will do the intervals today at the gym during my lunch break.) I had done one “test” workout from the Intermediate last week and decided that starting slower is not a bad thing – it’s been a long time since I’ve done any weights, a year and a half I think. Because of that, I also tried to keep it challenging but not too heavy, so that I can walk come tomorrow LOL! All this is to say that I am not beating myself up over using 8 pound dumbbells 😀 as I’m sure I will get my strength up again pretty soon.

The workout itself felt pretty good. The stability ball exercise is killer, and I don’t even think I did it right the first go around! Working out gave me a good burst of energy, and I ended up finishing my chores for the evening with energy for doing a little bit more – except for packing my lunch, which I put off in favor of sleep as I can pick up salad at the cafeteria today and happened to have money set aside for it. (NOTE: I ended up deciding to fast today.) Even so, by the time I was done showering I did not get to bed until midnight or so. On the upside, I’ve been getting back in the hang of using a neti pot, which is nifty! 🙂

My goals for today: I am fasting today (after I finish this coffee lol!). I also will be doing my intervals from Workout A at the gym today at 1pm, and probably doing some Pilates stuff or salsa practice a bit since the intervals won’t take me that long. For my “off day” 30 minutes, I will be walking to the dance studio after work. Then I have a full evenig of salsa classes (3 hourlong classes plus an hour and a half rehearsal). I don’t count my dancing for my “off day” activity as it is nothing new for me (and clearly if I was going to lose weight from it it would have happened alread LOL!)

How can you help? Ask me about the intervals after 2pm!

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Because the contest has a rolling start date, I am going to “restart” with Day 84 on Monday, and take this past 5 days as a “warmup” week. The reason for this is that although I have been pretty good with my diet, I have not been working out. This mainly has been happening because doing the workouts at home is much easier for logistical reasons (in part having to do with the fact that the stability balls at my gym are on another floor and thus doing supersets where the first exercise is with dumbells and the next with the stability ball will not work) and because I have not been getting enough sleep, so getting up early to workout has not happened.

So, the lessons I have learned thus far are:
– I need a bedtime, particularly on the nights before my workouts. This should not be overly difficult to do as those nights are on days when I am either off work, or get off early. The kids are asleep by 9 at the *latest*, so my new bedtime will be 10:30 for those nights. This should give me plenty of time to finish up my chores for the evening. One thing I am going to use to help me is to set two alarms on my phone: one for 10:00 as my early warning, and one at 10:30. If you see me online after that and it is not a Saturday, please give me a swift kick in the ass!! 😀

– Workout clothes and other essentials need to be easy to grab. I took care of the clothes to an extent by buying some pants earlier this week. I still need to buy a lock for the gym (I will be going there for intervals and some yoga on off days). I will be doing that today. I will also eb buying a new backpack – I have been using a bag that is much less than ideal, and given that carrying my food and other accoutrements becomes very heavy, a decent bag is essential. I will also take time this weekend to reorganize my clothing so that workout clothes are separate and folding into ready-to-grab piles. I have to make it easy, or it won’t happen LOL – I know myself!

– I cannot allow my sister to keep candy treats for the kids in my kitchen. For my own sanity, she MUST keep those things in her own kitchen. Now, we don’t have many – the bag of large marshmallows she got so they could have hot cocoa on these past rainy days has been the first in about 2 months – but I just don’t want to deal with the extra stress.

– In a similar vein, on Thursday nights, my sister cooks dinner. She tends to get a bit elaborate (either in recipes or in number of dishes) and it is always very tasty and smells enticing. When Deme cooks, he has been making us both a large salad, and it is easy to avoid temptation. Since I don’t have an ally (Deme is not home Thursday nights) when my sister cooks, it has been a struggle. Therefore, I MUST have a plan in place to avoid caving. I am going to start preparing a more elaborate raw-food meal for myself for Thursday nights, so that it has a “treat” feel in my mind while still being goal-supportive food. (As I am inherently lazy, and like salads, I usually keep my dinner simple.) I will probably use a few of the recipes that I enjoyed on Thanksgiving, and use Gone Raw for more recipes. (Also, pssst! a birdy told me I am getting Everyday Raw for Mother’s Day) I think this will help me mentally a great deal.

– I need to keep a physical food log as well as putting things into fitday. This way, when I am not near a computer I am still easily accountable. Also, this means I would only have to visit fitday *once* a day, thus wasting less time. Plus I can then keep track of where I was when I was eatnig, how I felt at the time, etc., all the emotional stuff that can help in figuring out if certain things trigger binges, etc.

Now, except for yesterday (my sister’s burgers done did me in!), I have been pretty on point with my diet. And, though I haven’t worked out yet, I *have* incorporated some lifestyle/mindset changes relatively easily. For instance, I have been taking the stairs without exception – and when that means 4 flights followed by 3 flights 30 seconds later exiting the train, it’s quite a change! Even at work, when I go up to the cafeteria I take the stairs every time. And I walked to the ferry today, and will continue to do so (it didn’t hurt that it was a LOVELY morning). So I have made some progress there that I am pretty happy with, because it is not me “trudging” along – I am happy to be active.

With that said, I’ve decided to start posting weekly goals and tracking them by color (inspired by a fellow TC participant!).

My current measurements are
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 136.6 lbs
Chest: 35.25″
Waist: 31.5″
Hips: 40.5″
Thigh: 22″

First off, my longterm goals, for the end of the contest:
Weight: 115 lbs
Waist: 29″
Hips: 38″
This is subject to change – what I am most interested in is bodyfat changes, but I have no measurements to go off of yet (more on that soon). I am not interested in being “skinny fat”,  so weight as a measure is very subjective to me.

I am working on some fitness-measure goals which I will post this weekend. Pushups will surely be on it! 🙂

So, for this week coming up:

5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest Week 1
Sunday:  Play with the kids at the park/gardening. Prepare food for the week (sprouts, nut pates, etc.) Update fitday/blog/TT Forum.
Monday:  TT Intermediate workout A before breakfast. Walk to the ferry. Interval training at 1:00. Walk to the studio. Salsa classes/rehearsal. Start fast at 6pm. Update fitday/blog/TT Forum.
Tuesday:  Walk to the ferry. Yoga/Pilates at 1:00. End fast at 6pm.  Update fitday/blog/TT Forum.
Wednesday:  TT Intermediate workout B before breakfast. Prep Thursday’s dinner. Walk to the ferry. Interval training at 1:00. Walk to the studio.  Salsa classes/rehearsal. Start fast at 6pm. Update fitday/blog/TT Forum.
Thursday:  Walk to the ferry. Yoga/Pilates at 1:00. End fast at 6pm. Update fitday/blog/TT Forum.
Friday:  TT Intermediate workout A before breakfast.  Walk to the ferry. Interval training at 1:00. Update fitday/blog/TT Forum.
Saturday:  Play with the kids at the park/gardening. Update fitday/blog/TT Forum.


Other workout performed

For this weekend:
Buy lock.
Buy backpack.
Buy calipers.
Take bodyfat measurements.
Update fitness goals.


Hope everyone is having a happy and productive Friday!!

Apples are healthy!

Apples are healthy!


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So I broke my fast early, having a dinner of sorts last night, only because I was feeling very shaky and I still had to get through dance rehearsal. I’ve fasted on dancing days before with no problem so I’m 97% sure it was related to the total exhaustion I was working under yesterday. Anyway, I stopped by Whole Foods just before rehearsal and got two raw-food bars (one cranberry and Larabar’s Key Lime Pie) and an avocado that I peeled and ate like an apple LOL. Felt fine during rehearsal, then took measurements and pics when I got home. I found that I had made a definite switch back into the raw-food mindset – while browsing in Whole Foods I really wasn’t tempted by any of the other stuff. So feeling very good about that (and also quite easily passed up my customary post-dance beer.)

I did not get to work out yesterday (as I was unprepared and had to run to the grocery store in the morning instead) and plan to start with my first workout tonight. And then go to bed early!

Going forward, my plan is to fit workouts into my schedule on dance days (MWF). This means that I have very long physically active days but those are my “late days” going into work so it is much easier to fit in a morning workout then. Also, my body should be fine with it as I am quite used to the dancing at this point, and although it is lengthy in time, it is not overly taxing for the most part.

I got home late as usual last night, and what with taking measurements and pics did not get to making lunch for myself today, so I will be getting salad from the cafeteria later. I did make a yummy green smoothie for myself, and threw an orange and a grapefruit in my bag to take to work.


What I ate today:– Orange
– Green smoothie
– Large salad with mushrooms, bruschetta (tomatoes and basil), red and yellow peppers, lots of sprouts, and some olives, plus olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
– A Larabar (Cherry Pie) and a Jocolat bar (Chocolate). I’m lucky to be able to buy these raw bars in my cafeteria!
– One tea with lemon
– One mango
– Large salad with red cabbage, snowpeas, cauliflower, carrots, fresh dill, yellow peppers and scallions, plus olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
– Half of a pineapple


After work I went to H&M and bought pants to work out in. I also went to the Container Store and bought two salad containers and two nifty compartmented lunch boxes. Yay for being prepared!

I had plans to work out this evening but still haven’t caught up on my sleep so it will have to happen tomorrow. No worries though, I can fit in another workout this weekend and then be 3 for the week.

At the end of the evening, I packed salad for tomorrow, as well as the other half of the pineapple and another mango. I also have a grapefruit at work to finish off, and will make a green smoothie in the morning.

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*Note: I am counting *down* the days of the contest, i.e. today is Day 84, tomorrow is Day 83, etc.

This is my first transformation contest. I am absurdly excited, and of course a bit nervous. I am also, for the first time, highly motivated. For years I have “known” what to do. And truly, I have had this knowledge all along – but while I have been pretty good about cleaning up my diet, I have *not* translated that “knowing” into action with working out. I had made a decent start of regular workouts in October of 2007, but then at the New Year in 2008 I started taking dance classes (a longtime passion) and I never got around to finding another time to workout – even though I have weights at home.

While I have plenty of very valid “excuses” (2 young kids, 3 hours spent commuting each day, other commitments) I am just DONE with them.

I’m much more motivated in the past for a number of reasons:

1) I have a trip to Puerto Rico at the end of July for the salsa congress there. I like to look good, but more importantly I want to be strong and have great stamina for all the dancing I’ll be doing!

2) I have decided to make this my personal proving ground. For years I have worked at corporate jobs, because they are “safe”. I get paid fairly well for what I do, and I don’t dislike it. But it is not where my passion lies, which is in dance and in helping other people achieve their goals, particularly with regard to their health and fitness. So I have promise myself that I will use this transformation to prove to myself that I *can* do this, and that I can do well helping others do the same. I am committed to finding a way to get certified as a trainer after this contest – I don’t know yet how I’ll pay for it (the kids eat up a lot of money LOL!) but I WILL find a way.

3) It is vital to me that I be in shape so that I can keep up with my kids. Not only are they both young (3 and 6) but they are both active even for that age. And my husband is super athletic, very into parkour and other crazy stuff. I’ve got to step up to the plate!

4) Perhaps most importantly, I have battled for years with feelings of inadequecy with my body because of my ballet background. I love my body now, but I have realized that it is time to step out from hiding behind this extra weight and embrace the athlete inside.

Also, this gives me a chance to blog obsessively about the whole journey! If even one person becomes convinced that it *is* possible and *isn’t* insanely difficult and thus tries it themselves, it will worth the time to track everything. 😉

Diet-wise, I have been eating pretty clean for a while now, partly because we take a whole foods approach as a family, and even more so lately as I’ve adopted a raw food lifestyle. It’s not always easy but the extra energy I get when I stick to it is totally worth it.

I need to spend some time this week brainstorming ways past roadblocks easily forseen (and whichever trickier ones I can figure out ahead of time as well!). For instance, my 9 days in Puerto Rico at the end of the contest are sure to be a bit challenging! Also, preparing my food ahead of time has been something of a tripping point for me.

This transformation contest is one of my mind as much, if not moreso, than my body. Eating right (which for me means staying raw), being active in general, and working out regularly, are all part of an overall mental overhaul that reenvisions myself as someone for whom self-care is paramount and being active is what I look forward to as an athlete. These are tweaks to my internal monologue that set the tone for everything I do daily. To quote Flylady: I am “finally loving myself.” So keeping an eye on the thoughts that float up during this contest is extremely important to me, in order that I can replace negative thoughts with those that remind me I am strong, capable, active.

Of course, none of that is worth much if I constantly struggle against my environment. So, to make living the way I want to the *easy, default* way of life, a number of things have to be thought about and put into place. Today for instance turned into a fast day for me because I did not do my shopping yesterday and thus was not really prepared food-wise for today. Though, it is not a huge deal as I like fasting on Mondays anyway – I’ve done it twice before, and it works well for me because Mondays (and Wednesdays) are my salsa nights, so I am dancing from 6:30 to 11:00, and barely have time to eat even when I want to!

Some potential issues I have thought of and the strategies I’ve worked out:
I realized I don’t have much in the way of pants to work out in. Therefore, today I will be buying some workout clothes. I will be doing most of the weights at home (early am before going to work) but will probably do the intervals at lunch in the gym. This also gives me an easy backup plan: if I don’t wake up early enough to do weights before my commute, I have another chance to do them at lunch. Working out in the morning is definitely going to be an adjustment for me. Currently I sleep in as long as possible LOL!

I will also buy some food-related things today – containers to make packing lunch VERY simple, and raw nuts/seeds from the health food store (my local supermarket being very limited). Having containers that are *mine* and not in general circulation at the house is vital to ease my way in packing food for the day (and on Mondays and Wednesdays, for very long days indeed).

Staying active in the general sense: I am recommitting to the “Take the stairs” lifestyle. Coincidentally, the 4-flight-long escalator at my train station has not been working in the past 3 days, so I guess the world is behind me in this one! Other “off day” things I have planned are walking to the studio (probably a 45 minute walk, 2-3 times a week) instead of taking the train, using the gym at lunchtime to do some yoga and/or Pilates, or using it to practice my salsa. And I’ll be getting into the garden on a regular basis on the weekends now that it’s getting warmer! I am also thinking about going along with my husband (and taking the kids) when he teaches his parkour session on Sundays.

Events coming up:
My older daughter is turning 6 on May 15th. As long as I have plenty of fruit, I think eating well during her party will be very easy to stick with. I will make some raw treats for myself so I am not left out – probably some delicious banana “ice cream.”

Mother’s Day: How I handle this depends on whether we go out to eat, and which mother is involved. If it is mine, I can make a plea for a raw restaurant (NYC has a few), or alternately some place with sushi. If it’s my MIL I will just do the best I can, keep an eye on my portions and not feel guilty about it.

Father’s Day: I will have to pack something if we go over to my inlaws, though if I ask them to make me a salad I’m sure they will.

I have a few performances that I will need to pack food for. My biggest potential downfall there is liquor, but as I have decided to “stay dry” during the contest it should not be difficult to avoid – especially as I plan to tell everyone I know about the contest!

Wedding Anniversary: Definitely either a really luscious homemade (raw) meal, or dinner out at one of the raw places. I *may* indulge in a glass of wine that evening, depending on how I feel I am doing with the contest. It’s in July, so I have time to decide. 🙂

My husband’s birthday: Should be pretty easy to eat well so long as I avoid social pressure to drink. My husband is quite down with the raw food thing, and VERY supportive of my contest goals, so I know I can count on him to help me out when needed.

Last but certainly not least is my planned 9 days in Puerto Rico at the end of July. I will be ending the competition mid-trip. Working out while I am there should be easy – the hotel has a gym – and staying active will be the default (as I am there for the salsa congress, so I will be dancing, dancing, and more dancing!) Food-wise, I have a friend who is also going who grew up in PR and his mother still lives there. He has already said he will help me get produce as needed so I can eat well, so I am not too concerned overall. And of course there’s always salad LOL! The bigger question will be whether I should buy a travel blender to take with me – for a 9 day trip it might be worth it.

My training/eating plan: It’s pretty simple – using the Turbulence Training programs for 12 weeks (of course!) – first the Intermediate, then the Original, and then probably the Fusion Fat Loss (not quite decided on the last workout). Foodwise, I am going to stay raw, track everything on fitday, and fast once a week (possibly twice a week). On my non-fasting days I am not going to worry about calories in the first few weeks, and then assess. I am not aiming for a particular macronutrient ratio as yet either. I am considering getting a raw protein supplement (as I do eat raw fish but not frequently) but quite likely I will not – a funding issue as much as anything.

I will get some pics up tonight if possible, otherwise tomorrow, and of course measurements! I will be posting daily, though not the particular details of the workouts. Suffice it to say, it is based on large body movements, usually with weights, in the 8-10 rep range, and interval training.

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